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STORMO® rEVOLUTION is a long-standing project based on the development of harmony within groups of people. Its core is an open workshop, during which the conditions created let collective intelligence emerge. In a short time participants find themselves spontaneously applying the same movement rules used by flocks of birds to migrate, by preys to survive and by large groups to organize. This process triggers a surprising physical joy in the participants and, as a consequence, wonder and involvement in the observers. The project tangibly develops active listening through nonverbal communication: a simple relationship mode, physical, immediate, that allows to look beyond the boundaries associated to roles, social classes, culture, language and nationality. STORMO® reveals resources buried in the memory of the body, allowing not only the individuals to discover themselves as part of a group, but also the group to perceive itself as a single self-regulated entity. we realized dozens of sessions in different countries: participation is open to all, no prior experience is required.

In 2015 we realized a scientific session: a team of French scientists measured the harmony the project generates in groups of people.

Originally devised as a performance project, as it evolved, STORMO® rEVOLUTION has revealed various facets and applications, ranging from artistic to training contexts, encompassing education and science. The proposed experience also lingers afterwards, in people's everyday lives, leaving emotional and sensorial traces related to harmony and collaboration.

We already developed different applications for the project, including team activities for business companies and an educational format for children and teenagers.


idea and direction // Matteo Lanfranchi
sound design // Roberto Rettura
assistance // Beatrice Cevolani
production // Stella Benzi
photos and videos // Pablo Muñoz Montaner


production // Effetto Larsen
supported by // Campo Teatrale, La Fabrique de Théâtre (Belgium), Bothnia Biennale (Finland), La Diagonale Paris-Saclay (France), Politecnico di Milano, Assab One